Does location really matter?


  We are told that we live in the age of globalisation where, with a couple of taps on a keyboard, you can be in instant contact with customers anywhere in the world. Where trade carries on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and business can be successfully conducted effectively, seamlessly and almost anonymously.

Indeed, most business communication is now done by email and it is not uncommon to have important clients you’ve never met, seen or even spoken to. Likewise, with reliable courier deliveries throughout the world, it is commonplace to trade through international borders and between continents……even language is less of an obstacle, with English being established as the “international language” for business.

So why then, in this enlightened age, does a couple of hundred miles on the M1 seem to matter so much to so many people?

“It doesn’t”, I can hear many of you saying, but unfortunately it does!

For example, the Print-Leeds works is 199 miles from London’s West End. Not a vast distance in this day and age. Perhaps 4 hours by car, less by train if you time your journey correctly, but to some it may as well be Timbuktu.

Common excuses for not using a “Northern” supplier can be…

“What if I need to do a press-pass?”
“What about delivery costs?”
“What if I want someone to come and see me?”

What if, what if, what if?

The simple truth is that by using Print-Leeds to provide quality plastic print, buyers in London and the South of England can be assured of equivalent levels of one-to-one service to any Home Counties supplier, next day deliveries, and cost savings that can only be realised by using a supplier based out of the South-East.

It is difficult and time-consuming to alter people’s perceptions, however ill-conceived. That is why Print-Leeds has now opened a dedicated sales office in Aylesbury, to provide experienced face-to-face customer service to clients in London, the Midlands, the South and South-West of England. With easy access to the major motorway networks, we can now have a Print-Leeds representative in your office within hours, able to give you the advice and reassurance that comes with getting to know a “local” supplier.

The benefits of establishing a closer, dare I say it, old-fashioned, business relationship can be assessed in financial terms, but there is also the additional peace-of-mind that needs to be considered. The right advice at the right time can, and has, proven priceless.

We’ve done our bit to bring Print-Leeds to our customers. So perhaps it is now time for our customers to come out from behind their keyboards and voicemail systems and invite us in. After all, like you, we are only human!

If you need print on plastic there’s no excuse not to speak to Print-Leeds. Indeed we are your local specialist plastic printer …….wherever you are!

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