Paper prices are rising again this month

Print-Leeds managing director, Rod Fisher.

Paper prices are set to rise again this month (October) with some suppliers informing customers of increases of up to 8%. The soaring price of pulp is mainly to blame for the fourth increase this year.  This is not just an increase for the UK but Europe wide as the demand for pulp increases.

The products that are mainly affected include woodfree coated and uncoated grades in sheets, reels and cut sizes, board and speciality products, plus some office paper.

Print-Leeds’ managing director, Rod Fisher said: “There is not much we can do about the situation as we can’t control it but I, like all other printers, am not happy about the increases.  As a firm we are continually testing new materials and suggesting new methods of production to customers. We are also pushing our procurement department for a hold or more competitive prices from other suppliers which has worked well for digital print but for wet glue labels there are so few suppliers of the materials we use. It is a sad fact that everything is going up and the uncertainty over the deal for Brexit is exacerbating this. We are defiantly working our hardest to be competitive and efficient.”

The BPIF’s latest Printing Outlook which was published in August showed that 62% of people who took the survey stated that board and paper pricing is a major business concern. This is a 30% rise from the study published in May 2017.

Rod Fisher added: “We are in constant dialogue with the mills and merchants to ensure we are fully informed of any new developments or methods to maximise production and keep waste to a minimum. Keeping ahead of the game means we can react better as a business.”

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