In line with the current debate on the environment and legal requirements, Print–Leeds operates a strict environmental policy for disposing of its waste.  All the waste plastic and chemicals are recycled or disposed of by specialist companies and waste is kept to a minimum.

At Print-Leeds, we are constantly researching new substrates and eco-friendly products are part of this remit.  Watch this space as we source environmentally friendly plastics from around the world and bring them first to our customers.  Print-Leeds is committed to helping save the planet.

The company holds accreditation for the environmental international standard ISO 14001 which recognises the actions of responsible businesses in managing and controlling their environment.   It also helps us support our key customers with their environmental policies, reduce costs by decreasing waste material and other resources such as energy, water and paper, enhance Print-Leeds’ reputation as an environmentally responsible company and keep us at the leading edge of the market.

For more information on our environmental policy contact Paul Fisher on 0113 2900 340 or