We are one of the few companies in the UK which supply hot foil printing. In fact we’d go as far to say we’re experts in this field – our foiling expertise spans four decades.

Hot foil printing is the perfect finishing touch for labels and packaging – used to enhance traditional Litho print, it gives a quality look with added shelf appeal – ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd and enhancing brand perception.

What is hot foiling?

Hot foil printing is the addition of foil to an existing printed sheet. A unique die, which is created for each job, stamps the foil onto the printed sheet. This process is normally combined with embossing or debossing to produce a three dimensional image.

The process of printing foil is a mixture of pressure and temperature. Heat to activate the adhesive on the back of the foil and pressure for the die to push the foil onto the sheet.
At Print-Leeds our expert foilers can advise at the design stage and share the art of the possible. They will also advise on the type of foils – most people just think of gold and silver but there are numerous different shades, satins and effects available which can create a stunning look to enhance your brand.

Foil does not have any universal pantone reference and each manufacturer makes it differently. However you’re in safe hands at Print-Leeds as our team knows where to buy the best and most cost effective material from and they understand the complexity of this substrate.

The foiling press

Our foiling press is a loyal and hardworking Gietz eff FSA 790 which we have bought in xxxx. Since 1892, Gietz has supplied outstanding high-performance machines to the printing and packaging industry.

The press has the following features:-
• Maximum sheet size 790 x 560mm
• Minimum sheet size 297 x 210mm
• Maximum stamping area 720 x 520mm
• Thermostat adjustable up to 200ºC
• 3 conventional Longitudinal foil advances
• Maximum foil width longitudinal 725mm
• Maximum foil diameter 1″ core 160mm

For more information on our hot foil printing service please contact Paul Mason.